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Effective media buying and planning

The strategic process of carefully choosing the right medium for an advertising campaign is taking the first right steps toward a successful campaign

Media planning and buying have changed with the technological revolution making it more accessible for advertising agencies to reach their ideal target audience. At Shout Agency, we always take into care the most effective strategies to locate your budget into the channels that will bring the maximum results out of your campaign budget.

An effective mix of channels to reach your audience at the best times of day and carefully examine the current trends of your industry to maximize results and overachieve your competitors.


Your advertising needs to be effective and challenge the times.
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Audience research

Customer behaviour changes and at times is unpredictable. Variables such as demography and gender will make an effect on customer buying decisions. Buying planners will help you decide which medium will be most effective for your campaign.

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Real time bidding

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is a type of programmatic purchasing that acquire impressions one every single time, depending on demographic audience. Similar to an auction, we will set a bid on an impression and the highest bidder will instantly display their as. Due to its very nature, Rtb inventory can’t be guaranteed.

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We care lot as dedicate the right percentages to the market place. It is the process of carefully analysing and allocating adverting budgets to the ideal buys in order to maximise ads effectiveness and achieve the strongest results.

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Media Planning & Buying

Empowering our clients and overachiving their competitors to dominate markets.


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